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Buffalo Joe Milk For Children

While exploring needs, we determined that a clean, sanitary, healthy milk supply is an ongoing problem. To help solve the ongoing problem of a need of fresh, sanitary dairy products, I am proud to be re-named “Buffalo Joe” and be responsible for the Buffalo Joe Milk for Children program.  We originally started with one female plus a cave.

Later we concluded it would be economically more practical and create positive cash flow by enlarging the heard to three to four adult buffalos plus caves. Today, the new barn has been built and we now have an enlarged heard.  All of this due to my contributions from Buffalo Buddies in Houston and recently by Glenn Dixon for his generous support.

Donate by Credit Card:

To learn more about how you can donate to the Buffalo Joe program please go to the Dooley site Dooleyintermed.org/UrgentNeeds/. There you can donate by credit card or PayPal by clicking on “Donate Now”, fill in the credit card information, click “Review Donation and Continue”, then type “Buffalo” in the “Add Special Instructions” box.  Just that easy!

Donate by Check:

Or you can make your check payable:
Dooley Intermed International,
125-28 Queens Blvd. Suite 538,
Kew Gardens, NY  11415.