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About Joe

FROM SEEING THE WORLD: I have been fortunate enough to have the interest and energy to explore life in many places in the world. In so doing, I have explored history, often through the lens of archaeological study. This has taken me to many countries, regions, and villages around the world as reflected in my documentary photography from those expeditions.

All of these excursions have impacted my world view. Petra in Jordan, completely amazing. Under the City of David in Jerusalem, still not fully explored. Souks in Marrakesh, Fez and Saudi Arabia with smells and cultures unchanged. The great domes of Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque in Constantinople, not to be missed. The Pantheon with the largest and oldest dome crowned with a light giving oculus. Nearby, the prisons in the bowels of the Castel Sant’Angelo just a short walk to the Roman Forum and the senate building. The king’s chamber in the great pyramid of Giza, for 3800 years the tallest man made structure. Prehistoric stone-age homes in Sardinia with stone lintels over doors weighting tons. The Mayan, Aztec, Olmec, and Inca civilizations with advanced languages, calendars, astronomy and math. All just a few of the wonders of our planet and its people, all changing my view of the world, my perspective of who we are and just how we got here. And why?

Scuba diving has immeasurably enhanced my view of the astounding magnitude of life forms. From 40′ whale sharks to tiny colorful shrimp to plankton, all illuminate understanding of the variety of life on this planet. I recently was certified as a PADI Master Diver and I am continuing scuba certifications to become qualified as a solo and cavern/tech diver to allow underwater archaeological exploration in the Yucatan.

Sailing and flying have been ongoing passions. While I aggressively raced my 42′ sloop off-shore for well over a dozen years, with some peril, I received a healthy appreciation for climate, weather, and the power of the ever moving, never predictable sea. Sustaining flight in powerless gliders and competitive aerobatics depending on hydrocarbons for power to stay aloft forced a view quite separate from that I otherwise received on the ground.

EXPLORERS CLUB: In recent years I have been a member of  the century old Explorers Club, a New York based world-wide organization of great explores. The Explores are beyond remarkable at a minimum seeking scientific discovery, venturing in new ways to undiscovered people, places, and species. Forfeiting comport for perilous adventure, The Explores range is from being the first humans to visit the bottom of the earth, known as the Marianas Trench, to the first two men on top of Everest, to the first man on the Moon. I am honored to be on the team and learn from them.

DOOLEY INTERMED: My Explorers pal Scott Hamilton, who has participated in 17 flag expeditions, now focuses on operating Dooley Intermed, a multi-country extreme out reach humanitarian organization with the mantra, “Where the road ends, our work begins.”  As a director with Dooley Intermed, my emphasis is in Nepal particularly developing programs such as Buffalo Joe Milk for Kids to support Eco Home for Orphaned Children and now developing a second Eco Home.  Way better that going to see the Texans loose.

FAMILY: Most importantly, as the father of a son and daughter who are extraordinarily talented, world-wise, intelligent, wonderfully interesting, funny at a minimum, and truly kind in every way, my understanding and world view are continually, materially elevated. Even better, there are two grandsons coming along who certainly will set a new higher standard for our family and they are a constant enlightenment.

Joe Watson aka: Buffalo Joe